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Food storage containers are SO important because they are actually touching the food. The culprits you are watching out for are PVC, BPA, Lead and Phthalates. Stainless steel is by far the safest, but there are some safe plastics out there. Look for #1, 2, 4 or 5 plastics.

+My favorite safe food storage containers:

1. LunchBots Stainless Containers:
I have the small Uno and Duo for Gates, and the large Uno for me.

Here are links:
Small Uno:
Small Duo:
Large Uno:


2. Planet Box (Pricey, but I have heard they last forever):

+Reusable bags instead of ziploc bags:
I bought these for school last year and use them all the time!  They are great for school, road trips, walks in the stroller – anything.  Think of all the ziploc bags I have saved!  

Safe Options:
Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags:
Blue Avacado:

Itzy ritzy

+Water cups:
I want to challenge you all to ditch the plastic water bottles for your children (and yourself too) and go with a high grade stainless steel. It's a much safer and healthier option for you littles

Safe Options:
Kid Basix:
Kid Kanteen:
Thermos Funtainer: (this is what I use):
Swell bottles: These are my FAV!


Bonus:  Stainless steel straws:

Information about safety here: