Getting rid of plastic!

I could talk about the nastiness of plastic all day long.  My household is NOT plastic free yet, but I am working on it!  I am slowly replacing plastic in my kitchen with glass and stainless steel.  I talked about stainless steel a lot in my Back to School class, but now let’s talk about glass.  I already had glass Pyrex bowls, so that was awesome!  But…I use an embarrassing amount of Ziploc bags and plastic containers to hold leftover and such.  It was finally time to let them go…insert my love for mason jars.

I would see these amazing recipe pictures of impeccably dressed ladies using mason jars for food storage, and I thought that was so strange.  Don’t you just use mason jars for a cute party décor?  Well, I finally took the plunge and y’all — I have not looked back.  I store everything in them.  All the things in mason jars!  Pre-cut vegetables, meat, leftovers, everything – even an avocado that didn’t turn brown!  I haven’t used a Ziploc bag since I bought them – seriously!

The easy part is that they were at my local Publix!  Talk about an easy switch.  They do sell them in huge 12 count boxes, but I wanted to start slow, so I got 4 each of 2 different sizes.

This switch to safer journey is a process.  Don’t forget that.  You just have to swap out one thing at a time!

Mason Jars

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