Back to School

BAck to schoolDid you know that backpacks often contain LEAD and PVC? most anti-bacterial soap contain TRICLOSAN, linked to liver toxicity and may even disrupt thyroid function? many nap mats contain FLAME RETARDANTS?

OK so yes all those things are awfully scary, BUT there are SAFE, BUDGET-FRIENDLY options out there!!! I have done all the research and can’t wait to share with you.

Join me to discuss going Back to School Safer! I will be posting for the next few days simple ways for a SAFER back to school season! We will discuss everything from food storage containers, hand sanitizers, healthy (and budget friendly) lunches and even backpacks! Let’s learn together for the benefit of our kids, ladies.

We are all buying lunch boxes and back packs, right? We might as well buy safer ones for our precious kiddos. You cannot buy an of these items from me, but I can direct you where to purchase them – and for the cheapest price!

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