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I am soooo ready for cooler weather, but not ready for winter colds!  We are only 2 weeks into school and we have already had coughs, runny noses and the stomach bug – yuck!  I am so glad I have an arsenal of safe options to knock these illnesses out and not see a doctor unless we really need to.  I was sick (very sick) too many times to count last winter (sinus infections, strep, etc), so I found some products that will build my immune system and keep me healthy!  This mama is too busy to be sick!  *Note: I am NOT a doctor, but these products worked for me!  I have had several friends ask recently which probiotics, multi-vitamin I take, so here is my list! 

For myself:

+Kyolic Garlic 103 Immune Formula: these babies are magic in a pill!  I start taking them as soon as I start feeling icky and boom – it knocks it out!
+Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray:  The activated silver in this spray prevents a sinus infection.  I spray 1 – 2 sprays a few times a day until the sniffles are gone.  You can also spray once a day for maintenance.
+Thieves:  Give me ALL the thieves!  I diffuse this to kill germs in the air and have in a roller ball to rub on bottom of feet
+Probiotic:  Seeking Health ProBiota 12: this is one of the cleanest probiotics out there. 
+Multivitamin: Plexus X-Factor with Aloe – I have only taken this for a month or so, but like it so far.  I have a friend that sells if you are interested!
+ACF (Acute Cold & Flu): Wowza this stuff helps your immune system!  I take several times a day when feeling icky. It tastes BAD, but works!  

For the boys:
+Probiotic: Klaire Labs is my fav and I'm still looking for another one to rotate
+Multivitamin: Pure Encapsulations PurePals: I finally found one my kids love and that is clean with no added sugars!  Another good one is Seeking Health Multi Chewable
+Children's ACF: Same as the one above for me but this one is for little ones.  I mix with lemonaide or apple juice with my boy are getting sick.  I try to do it 3x per day when they are sick.
+Essential Oils:  I use Thieves on the daily – diffused and rubed on feet and spine.  I also use a plethera of others for illness: RC for respitory support, Purification + Lemon for cough, the list goes on.   I will have to do a seperate post for all things essential oils!  If you have questions about oils or want to use my disount to try some things let me know! 

Here is to a happy and healthy back to school! 



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