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I am soooo ready for cooler weather, but not ready for winter colds!  We are only 2 weeks into school and we have already had coughs, runny noses and the stomach bug – yuck!  I am so glad I have an arsenal of safe options to knock these illnesses out and not see a doctor unless we really need to.  I was sick (very sick) too many times to count last winter (sinus infections, strep, etc), so I found some products that will build my immune system and keep me healthy!  This mama is too busy to be sick!  *Note: I am NOT a doctor, but these products worked for me!  I have had several friends ask recently which probiotics, multi-vitamin I take, so here is my list! 

For myself:

+Kyolic Garlic 103 Immune Formula: these babies are magic in a pill!  I start taking them as soon as I start feeling icky and boom – it knocks it out!
+Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray:  The activated silver in this spray prevents a sinus infection.  I spray 1 – 2 sprays a few times a day until the sniffles are gone.  You can also spray once a day for maintenance.
+Thieves:  Give me ALL the thieves!  I diffuse this to kill germs in the air and have in a roller ball to rub on bottom of feet
+Probiotic:  Seeking Health ProBiota 12: this is one of the cleanest probiotics out there. 
+Multivitamin: Plexus X-Factor with Aloe – I have only taken this for a month or so, but like it so far.  I have a friend that sells if you are interested!
+ACF (Acute Cold & Flu): Wowza this stuff helps your immune system!  I take several times a day when feeling icky. It tastes BAD, but works!  

For the boys:
+Probiotic: Klaire Labs is my fav and I'm still looking for another one to rotate
+Multivitamin: Pure Encapsulations PurePals: I finally found one my kids love and that is clean with no added sugars!  Another good one is Seeking Health Multi Chewable
+Children's ACF: Same as the one above for me but this one is for little ones.  I mix with lemonaide or apple juice with my boy are getting sick.  I try to do it 3x per day when they are sick.
+Essential Oils:  I use Thieves on the daily – diffused and rubed on feet and spine.  I also use a plethera of others for illness: RC for respitory support, Purification + Lemon for cough, the list goes on.   I will have to do a seperate post for all things essential oils!  If you have questions about oils or want to use my disount to try some things let me know! 

Here is to a happy and healthy back to school! 



Back to School–>Back Packs and Lunchboxes

Back pack

When it comes to safer backpacks for kids the main thing to avoid is PVC, but other nasty chemicals to avoid include phthalates, BPA and lead (with lead the best option is to choose lead free or lead safe).


-Safe Brands:
-LL Bean:
-Dabbawalla Backpacks (so cute for younger children – cute designs):
-Beatrix New York:

These below have murky definitions of what is used to produce their backpacks, but these are PVC free:
-Lands End
-Hanna Andersson
-See the full list with links and read information about safety here:

+Lunch boxes—You are looking to avoid the same things: PVC, Lead and BPA

Safe Brands:Lunch box


-Beatrix Lunch Boxes:

-Blue Avocado:

-Built NY:

-Information about safety here:


Back to School –> Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers are SO important because they are actually touching the food. The culprits you are watching out for are PVC, BPA, Lead and Phthalates. Stainless steel is by far the safest, but there are some safe plastics out there. Look for #1, 2, 4 or 5 plastics.

+My favorite safe food storage containers:

1. LunchBots Stainless Containers:
I have the small Uno and Duo for Gates, and the large Uno for me.

Here are links:
Small Uno:
Small Duo:
Large Uno:


2. Planet Box (Pricey, but I have heard they last forever):

+Reusable bags instead of ziploc bags:
I bought these for school last year and use them all the time!  They are great for school, road trips, walks in the stroller – anything.  Think of all the ziploc bags I have saved!  

Safe Options:
Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags:
Blue Avacado:

Itzy ritzy

+Water cups:
I want to challenge you all to ditch the plastic water bottles for your children (and yourself too) and go with a high grade stainless steel. It's a much safer and healthier option for you littles

Safe Options:
Kid Basix:
Kid Kanteen:
Thermos Funtainer: (this is what I use):
Swell bottles: These are my FAV!


Bonus:  Stainless steel straws:

Information about safety here:


Getting rid of plastic!

I could talk about the nastiness of plastic all day long.  My household is NOT plastic free yet, but I am working on it!  I am slowly replacing plastic in my kitchen with glass and stainless steel.  I talked about stainless steel a lot in my Back to School class, but now let’s talk about glass.  I already had glass Pyrex bowls, so that was awesome!  But…I use an embarrassing amount of Ziploc bags and plastic containers to hold leftover and such.  It was finally time to let them go…insert my love for mason jars.

I would see these amazing recipe pictures of impeccably dressed ladies using mason jars for food storage, and I thought that was so strange.  Don’t you just use mason jars for a cute party décor?  Well, I finally took the plunge and y’all — I have not looked back.  I store everything in them.  All the things in mason jars!  Pre-cut vegetables, meat, leftovers, everything – even an avocado that didn’t turn brown!  I haven’t used a Ziploc bag since I bought them – seriously!

The easy part is that they were at my local Publix!  Talk about an easy switch.  They do sell them in huge 12 count boxes, but I wanted to start slow, so I got 4 each of 2 different sizes.

This switch to safer journey is a process.  Don’t forget that.  You just have to swap out one thing at a time!

Mason Jars


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LAKE Pajamas

Lake pjs

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I decided to start with the shorts set because it’s so darn hot and because I don’t typically sleep in pants. I am happy to report they are as awesome as I expected and I can’t wait to order more!

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Back to School

BAck to schoolDid you know that backpacks often contain LEAD and PVC? most anti-bacterial soap contain TRICLOSAN, linked to liver toxicity and may even disrupt thyroid function? many nap mats contain FLAME RETARDANTS?

OK so yes all those things are awfully scary, BUT there are SAFE, BUDGET-FRIENDLY options out there!!! I have done all the research and can’t wait to share with you.

Join me to discuss going Back to School Safer! I will be posting for the next few days simple ways for a SAFER back to school season! We will discuss everything from food storage containers, hand sanitizers, healthy (and budget friendly) lunches and even backpacks! Let’s learn together for the benefit of our kids, ladies.

We are all buying lunch boxes and back packs, right? We might as well buy safer ones for our precious kiddos. You cannot buy an of these items from me, but I can direct you where to purchase them – and for the cheapest price!


My name is Frances Raybon and I am so excited about starting my very own healthy living blog.  I have grown passionate about making safer choices and can’t wait to share my tips and tricks.

A little about me…I live in Georgia with my husband and 2 young children.  My safer lifestyle has only been a year and a half in the making, but I have made huge strides in that time 🙂

There is a growing interest in protecting ourselves and our loved ones and I want to share all of my growing knowledge with you!  This website will be all things healthy and safe – but for a “real” life!